A whole world of experiences

Welcome to a whole new world of wellness experiences - Leo juventa – the first of its kind in the entire world aims to provide wholesome wellness and pure well-being from head to toe. It redefines rejuvenation and enriches wellness beyond the pampering sessions. It offers you world's best scientific methodologies to ensure complete indulgence and well-being.

Step into our Medi spa to enjoy a private health and wellness consultation. Moreover, discussing your health with an expert will determine what activities or treatments would benefit you the most. Spread out amidst eco friendly and tranquil environment, the five-floored multi-level Medi spa, offers techniques that are drawn from a scientific amalgamation of ancient Indian, Oriental, Egyptian and modern contemporary medicine with the latest healthcare technologies under the aegis of highly qualified doctors, experts and professional staff who have researched the field of integrated medicine. Services and packages offered range from a few hours to many days, from a random, hurried packed-between-jobs visit to a planned annual vacation.


Asia Spa India Awards – 2010,2011 & 2013 for BEST MEDI SPA in India consecutively for three years.

World Luxury Spa
Award 2012

World Luxury Spa
Award 2013